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Discover Stuttgart & surroundings

Use the Hotel Ochsen in Stuttgart-Wangen as a starting point to explore the diverse and varied location and events around Stuttgart. We would be happy to give you a few suggestions here. However, this is only a small selection of offers, further sights can be found at:

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
Weihnachten in Stuttgart


Wilhelma Stuttgart

Wilhelma - the zoological botanical garden

The complex was built around 1850 by Karl-Ludwig von Zanth on behalf of King Wilhelm I of Württemberg as a "garden house with residential buildings and ornamental greenhouses in the Moorish style". Exotic plants have been cultivated here since then, but only after the war-related destruction of the old palace complex did the park become a zoological and botanical garden.

  Today the Wilhelma with around 10,000 animals in almost 1,000 species is one of the most biodiverse zoos in Germany, with a cross-section through all the world's climate zones is shown. The plant population with around 5,000 species is also valuable. In the rhythm of the seasons, the face of the park changes constantly, so that you always get new impressions.

Grabkapelle Württemberg Stuttgart

Grave chapel on the Württemberg

In the years 1820 to 1821, King Wilhelm had built the grave chapel for his young wife Katharina, who had died young, It is situated at the idyllic site of the former Württemberg castle above the Neckar Valley. The popular tsar daughter found her final resting place in a tomb designed by court architect Giovanni Salucci.

Russian Orthodox church services are still celebrated here today. Thousands of visitors come to the Württemberg every year.

Stuttgarter Weinwanderweg

The Stuttgart Wine Hiking Trail

On a total of four different wine hiking trails, you can experience six different tours in the hilly wine and vine landscape. All routes of the wine hiking trails are designed as circular routes.

The routes are well signposted so that the hiker can start the tour at any point. If you want to discover and enjoy the romantic vineyards and the first-class wines of Stuttgart, there are many possibilities.

For example, at the numerous wine festivals in and around Stuttgart, in the typical broom inns here, also known as ostrich or Rädle inns. A quintessential courtyard or estate serving of home-made wine.

Art and culture

Staatstheater und Staatsoper Stuttgart

State Theater & Opera Stuttgart

The Stuttgart State Opera is part of the Stuttgart State Theater, the largest three-part theater in Europe.

The divisions work artistically autonomously within the joint theater company, which is also one of the most productive houses - with more than 40 new productions per season and a repertoire of more than 100 works,

Information and tickets at:

Friedrichsbau Variete Stuttgart

Friedrichsbau variety show

Fancy a variety show - guests experience a top-class program of fireworks every evening on 369 seats. Imaginative shows that attract younger talents and well-deserved stars of the glamor genre.

The lovingly designed programs were also staged by the two grand masters of imagination, multimedia artists André Heller and Bernhard Paul, director of the famous Circus Roncalli.

Information and tickets at:

Musicls Stuttgart

Musical Stuttgart

Stuttgart has two large musical theaters, the Apollo and the Palladium Theater, each with 1,800 seats. Since the opening in 1994, various musicals have appeared in Stuttgart.

They have already attracted well over ten million viewers. After the musical mecca London, Stuttgart has become an important musical location next to Hamburg.

Information and tickets at:

Christmas special

Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt

Atmospheric Stuttgart Christmas market

In front of the wonderful backdrop of the Old Castle, the Stuttgart Christmas Market inspires every year with Christmas goods and culinary delights. The christmas stands are decorated beautifully, solemn Advent concerts, the smell of roasted almonds and the ice rink on the Schlossplatz get numerous visitors from near and far in the mood for the Christmas holidays.

Weihnachtsmarkt Ludwigsburg

Baroque Christmas market in Ludwigsburg

Glittering lights shine over the roofs of the Christmas stands, graceful angels stretch out their filigree wings and the two baroque churches shine in festive splendor: with its symmetrical arrangement, the Ludwigsburg Christmas Market corresponds to the ideal city and garden scene from the baroque period and invites you to stroll through the stall town.

Weihnachtsmarkt Esslingen

Esslingen Medieval Market & Christmas Market

Fairytale stilt walkers, jugglers and fire breathers animate the Esslingen medieval and Christmas market. The magnificent half-timbered houses around the Old Town Hall offer the right setting for this Christmas market of a different kind.

More suggestions



Book here for a special occasion "Wine & Candlelight or the hike" Wandellust ". This is a wonderful tour along the narrow feeder paths between the vineyards. Here you can walk in the middle of nature, enjoy sensational views and finally sweep in the middle of the vineyard "KSK Vintage Winery" with a wine tasting.

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