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Anno 1929

Master saddler Friedrich Schubert takes over the "Ochsen" and sets up his workshop in the barn.

Anno 1953  

Wilhelm and Herta Bender lease the "Ochsen" restaurant

Anno 1785  

Christian Benedikt Eble (n) buys a part of the house Ulmer Straße 325 from his brother-in-law Johann Stephan Weiß and thus becomes the sole house owner. Only one garden is mentioned in the goods book, which abuts on the north side of the house. Ulmer Straße 323 is not yet there.

Anno 1805

Johann Jacob Eble (n), son of the above mentioned Christian Benedikt, marries the Katherina Barbara Zondler. Until his death in 1835, he was referred to as the "Grape Landlord Eble".